One Man's Trash

Look what I found!

Look what I found!

Being that I don't have the most lucrative career, I spend time browsing Savers for treasures that I may not buy in most instances. Don't get me wrong, I'm cheap. I go to Savers to feed that deep-rooted cheap-streak that runs through my soul, but my budget doesn't help cure my symptoms.

This past weekend I found the Star Wars: The Ultimate Visual Guide Special Edition by Ryder Windham. I'm a big Star Wars geek and for $2.99, I found it rather difficult to say 'no.' I never really considered Savers to be my go-to destination for finding new books, but I think I may spend more time browsing the books there. I'm glad I didn't miss this gem.

I haven't gotten too far into the guide and I already have a lot of ideas for stories that I could write within the Star Wars universe. It's too bad that you can't publish stories within this world, or I'd definitely do it. Perhaps I should try my hand at a little fanfic and give it away on my site for free. That's legal, right?


Moral of the story: Go to Savers. You might find a great new (old) book.