A new beginning.

I started this website so that I could share my art with the world. I've been creating music and writing for a long time and I needed a hub to centralize my work. The site will focus primarily on my fiction, but I may occasionally touch on other projects that I'm working on. It may take me a few months to find my feet with how to properly navigate the blogging world, but bare with me. 

I'm a bit of a geek. The kind of geek that loves many different things. So, I will share as much of my geekdom as I can with you. The only way I can sustain this website and blog is if I retain my personality and be open and honest with my sharing.

Currently, my site is rather empty, but this will change as I prepare content for you to enjoy. I will do my very best to entertain you when it is entertainment you seek. Creating new things that people enjoy is a deep passion of mine. If you love reading stories, discovering new works of fiction and have a passion for any other art form, you're going to want to visit my blog often!

I hope you enjoy the work I post and if you have any thoughts or questions, please feel free to contact me via email or join me on via Twitter or Google+!