Top 5 Science and Discovery News (03/01/2015)

February had some really interesting articles drop! I had a hard time narrowing this down to just five. Here’s your top 5 Science and Discovery News that dropped in February!


1. Scientists just discovered 2 never-before-seen particles, and they're refining our understanding of fundamental physics

This one is obviously big news. We’re slowly piecing together the Standard Model and we’re now 2 steps closer to figuring this all out.


2. Astronomers find ancient black hole the size of 12 billion suns



3. Quantum bits get their first compression

Quantum Computing is the Techie’s dream. Who wouldn’t be stoked about this?


4. Why we’re not wired to think scientifically (and what can be done about it)

We’re not androids. That’s obvious. But maybe our children are suffering because of how we perceive the world.


5. How Science Sold Me on Meditation, with Dan Harris

I have a personal goal of getting better with meditation. This is pushing me further down that road.


Honorable Mention: Vegetarian diet may be solution to impending water crisis, say scientists

I tossed this one in because it’s one of the things I’ve been been interested in for years. Call me a crack pot, but I think eventually many of us will be vegetarian because of the practicality. And no, you won’t miss meat because faux meat keeps getting better and better at mimicking the real thing.


What About You?

Which one is your favorite? Did I miss something awesome?

Let me know in the comments!