Top 5 Science and Discovery News (07/05/2015)


This Computer Runs On Water Droplets and Magnets ― A 'computer' is a machine that can follow a program or list of instructions. This computer, announced in a paper published this week in Nature Physics, doesn't process information, however, like electronic computers do today. Instead, it can manipulate tiny droplets of water.


After months of hibernation, the Philae lander has woken up ― Scientists at the Lander Control Center regained contact with the Philae, and have already analyzed more than 300 data packets from the spacecraft's mass memory.


Kepler-138b Is Now The Lightest Exoplanet Ever Discovered ― A team of astronomers from Penn State, NASA Ames, the University of Chicago, and the SETI Institute have measured the mass of a Mars-sized exoplanet located 200 light-years away.


These Are What The Google Artificial Intelligence’s Dreams Look Like ― Google's servers drive the much of the world's data, and apparently, they dream as well.


NASA Is Launching Microsoft's Hologram Technology To The Space Station ― A pair of HoloLens headsets will be flown to the International Space Station aboard the next resupply rocket.


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