Top 5 Science and Discovery News (08/02/2015)

This is one of the last (if not the last) Top 5 Science and Discovery News segments. I'm replacing it  with something far more interesting that I think you will enjoy much more. But until then, let's enjoy what nature has revealed to us this week!

Surprising facts about the New Horizons spacecraft - Yes, folks. New Horizons, the spacecraft that gave us the most detailed views of Pluto to date, is a distant cousin of the popular Sony PlayStation game console—the original one released 21 years ago.

Alien Hunting Could Go High-Definition With Giant Space Telescope - A new study makes the case for building a supersize space telescope that would create images five times sharper than Hubble's.

How Do Fireflies Glow? Mystery Solved After 60 Years - Scientists have sussed out the chemical secret of these bright summertime beetles—and it may someday improve human health, a new study says.

New Pluto Images Reveal a Planet That's Stunningly Alive - Glaciers made of nitrogen ice creep across its surface, hazes cycle through its puffy atmosphere, and dark organic compounds rain down.

Weyl Fermion: Long-Sought Massless Particle Finally Observed - The Weyl fermion – an elusive massless particle theorized 85 years ago – has been confirmed by direct observations for the first time.


What About You?

Although this is one of the last issues of Top 5 S&D, I still want to know if I missed anything cool!

Let me know in the comments!