Top 5 Idea Generating Podcasts

I’ll admit it: I’m a podcast junkie.

If you’ve never ventured into the world of podcasts, you should give it a try. I find them great for learning and entertainment without devoting all your energy into it. This (along with audiobooks and audio courses) have allowed me to consume more information and knowledge than ever before.

I’ve listened to thousands of different podcasts in my endless search for knowledge, enlightenment and perspective. And if they’re entertaining too, then I know I’ve found something standout.

You may not have the time to listen to as many podcasts as I do, so I would like to show you a few that will help you generate more ideas.

If you’re a creative and are looking for a wealth of ideas that you can use to build your next great creation, these podcasts will give you more food for thought than you’ll know what to do with.


How Stuff Works Podcasts

This is the podcast network that first got me into podcasts. is a great resource. The fact that they have a podcast network that tackles various topics they’ve previously researched and topics requested is a godsend. Sit back and the ‘stuff’ crew do your research for you.

I suppose I’m cheating because I’m including a whole podcast network instead of one individual podcast. But if I didn’t do it this way, this would turn into a top 10 list. I figured this was cleaner. My favorites include: Stuff You Should Know, Stuff You Missed in History Class, Stuff to Blow Your Mind, and Tech Stuff.

They also have some video content available on their website.

Want to know the science behind how the sun works? How about the history of game consoles? What about Glaucoma?

There’s something for everyone in these podcasts. If you subscribe on your favorite podcast catcher, you’ll get multiple topics a week. Perhaps not all will be of interest to you, but most of which will give you insights on topics you have no expertise in.

If you’ve been looking for creative fuel, this is the motherload.



RadioLab is perhaps one of the most popular podcasts on iTunes for good reason. The podcast is rich in insight and represents a standard of production to which many podcasts should aspire.

RadioLab is an excellent study on storytelling and emotion. It doesn’t shy away from the gray areas. When the show offers you challenging ideas, it leaves you with just enough so that you can think about what you’ve heard for the rest of the week.

RadioLab also has some video content on their website.

I dare you to take a listen and not become hooked.


Science Friday

As a science geek, I had to throw in this one. You may not be into science, but science a field at the very frontier of human knowledge and ideas. Each friday, experts report on the newest advancements.

Because this is a journalism first cast, the show can run long and is a bit formal. Their website also has a fair amount of new video content each week.

If you write SciFi or create things that that revolve around scientific ideas, this podcast is right up your alley.



If you haven’t heard of Freakonomics, it’s a podcast where two economists explore questions without clear answers. You may not be a econ geek, but this show also has a strong overlap with human psychology and sociology in the modern world.

Like RadioLab, the quality of production is superb. They also have a strong sense of narrative that keeps things very open for you to begin to synthesize your own ideas and experiences with the information presented.

Also like all the podcasts on this list, there is video content available on their website.

Give it a try! It may prompt you to question your own ideas and behavior.



TEDTalks is a great series of podcasts that are mostly brief, one-off speeches by intellectuals pushing the boundaries of their fields. The presenters give a fresh perspective on topics that need reexamining or topic that may have never before crossed your mind.

This is another network of content. Unlike the other podcasts above, the primary form of this TED’s content is video (but you can get a lot out of merely listening to them as well). You can find the talks on their website as well as YouTube, Netflix, iTunes, and they even have their own app.

With most TED talks clocking in at under 15 minutes, it’s perhaps the most bang for your time. Many of the talks have inspired me to take action on things I was completely unaware of.


What About You?

I hope I helped you find your next idea generating podcast. If so, please share this with others who might need it.

Have you listened to and enjoy any of these podcasts?

What podcasts inspire you with new ideas?

Let me know in the comments below!