Feeling Creative Isolation? Join My Creative Mastermind!

One of the most difficult parts of creative work is the isolation you may feel. You slave away on something special with no one who can understand or relate to what you’re attempting. This sort of isolation can lead to agitation or burn out.

While you may need to spend a lot of your time working on projects alone, when the time comes to bounce a new idea off another individual, there’s no one there to give you feedback. You may need advice on a particular creative issue, but none of your friends or family have the slightest idea how to guide you. They’re either not at all interested in the type of work you do, or they’re not familiar enough with the territory to tell you anything relevant.

Is this how you feel?

Wouldn’t you like it to end?

I’m familiar with creative isolation, and I want to invite you to be a part of my solution.


The Creative Mastermind Group

After finding a few great creative individuals during my search to end my own isolation, I knew that I had to build a community where any creative person can get the same sort of support and feedback.

So I built a Creative Mastermind. The group is made up of many different individuals from many different places. They have a diverse range of talents and perspective. Not only are they creative, but they’re actively pushing to become better creatives. And that’s what makes all the difference.

Whether you’re a visual artist/designer, a musician, a writer, or someone who just wants to recommit themselves into their creative passion, the Creative Mastermind group can help you with the feedback you need.

This group is for you to engage with other creative minds, build relationships, and find the advice you need from others. The group is based on facebook. So, if you have an account, you can jump right in with little barrier to entry

Need to brainstorm an idea with someone?

Need someone to hold you accountable for your creative goals?

Need advice on how to take your project the extra mile?

If any of these sound like what you need to enrich your creativity, feel free to join!



Does The Creative Mastermind cost anything?

Absolutely not! This is free. Many masterminds have a cost to entry, but these groups are often for people who need input from others who are advanced in their fields. These masterminds also tend to have expenses that the fee covers. This group has no base expenses and is designed for anyone who needs the help.


Am I required to participate? Can I just lurk and learn?

Love to L&L (lurk and learn)? That’s totally fine! You’ll likely learn a lot. But don’t be afraid to open up and talk to the group. We’re here to help!


What’s your self-promotion policy? What qualifies as self-promotion?

This is a no spam group. This means irrelevant topics should be saved for other venues. I understand how hard it is to share your work with the world, but this is not the space for it. Anything you share should be relevant to the group. Before you post, ask yourself: “will this create a constructive conversation that others can learn from?” Repeat offenders will be banned.


Why Facebook?

Facebook is the platform where there is as little barrier to entry as possible because so many people use and understand the it. There are other platforms and formats that would have worked. In fact, I would have loved to try a few other options that I preferred. However, this is the best solution to keep the group free. 


But I don’t have a facebook account. Is there another way I can join in?

Unfortunately, no. Until it becomes viable to move the group to a different space, this is the only way in.


I have more questions! What do I do?

Feel free to contact me. I’ll answer any questions you may have.


What About You?

Are you ready to conquer creative isolation?

Would you like to be apart of a community of helpful, supportive, smart, and creative people?

And I’ll see you on the other side!