My Experience with 12 by Sean Platt & David W. Wright






How does someone get pushed to the edge, to the breaking point?

And when they cross that line, is there any turning back?

You know that feeling when you pick up a novel, read the first few pages and KNOW that you’re going to love it? This is what happened with this book.

First, I want to say that 12 isn’t for everyone. It's dark. It exposes human nature in a way that many authors wouldn’t dare touch. There are times where it’s so uncomfortable that you’re afraid to read on to see what a character does.

The 12 characters that this novel tracks are all different types of people, but are all connected. Each character is handled with expert care and feels authentic. And they all have a role to play in the horrible events that take place at the end of the story. Some will break your heart. Some will make you stand up and cheer. Some will make you shake with anger.

The way Platt and Wright manage to make you feel a certain degree of empathy for even the vilest characters will unsettle you. You won’t forgive them, but you’ll question your own assumptions, pace your bedroom, and wonder if there’s anyone you can talk to about your thoughts without sounding like a monster.

The dramatic irony in this story is expertly wielded. Due to the story’s framing device and interconnected mass of characters that all get a voice, you’ll be propelled through the story as irony and mystery interplay to weave a narrative that is cathartic, un-put-downable experience.

*Full Disclosure — I currently work for the publisher. I was not paid to review this book, however. It was on my TBR list from before I worked for the publisher.*