The Last Jedi: A Slow Re-Watch Pt. 1

I'm a pretty big Star Wars fan, and I find it interesting how controversial "The Last Jedi" is. As a storyteller, I pay close attention to how fans react to things and try to diagnose what went wrong (because often people don't express why they don't like something, or when they do, it's not for the reasons they think).


When I first watched the film in theaters, I was left with a strange feeling. I liked that it surprised me, but there were things I didn't like. I wasn't certain what it was trying to say (though my guess was what I've come to believe is the root of it). Much of the humor didn't work for me on the first pass, either.

I'm currently rewatching it slowly to appreciate each moment as much as I have with the original trilogy.

There's a scene in TLJ where Luke gives her Rey first lesson. I enjoy it visually, and I really enjoy what the writers did to rectify one of the mistakes of the prequels: the inclusion of midichlorians.

If you missed the point of this scene, watch how they dealt with the misstep.

What did you think of "The Last Jedi?"