My Experience with Deathmaker by Lindsay Buroker


Lindsay Buroker’s second installment in the Dragon Blood series, Deathmaker, shifts gears and pivots towards another set of characters in this fantasy-steampunk-romance mashup.

After Cas, an Iskandian pilot, is shot down and captured by the enemy, she soon runs into Tolemek: the “Deathmaker.” Known for his wildly dangerous concoctions, the Deathmaker is the very last person Cas would want to be stuck with.

Like Balanced on the Blade’s Edge, the two are swept up in adventure and unlikely, forbidden romance. While I enjoyed watching the relationship between Cas and Tolemek develop, I found myself longing to get back to Sardelle and Zirkander from the previous volume.

Buroker progressed and wrapped up the novel in a way that satisfied me. Cas was clever, fun, and distinct from our previous heroine. Tolemek was sympathetic despite his crimes.

If you’re looking for some steampunk with action, romance, and a sharp sense of humor, Buroker’s Dragon Blood series is a great place to start.