Development Diary #5

Today’s Development Diary is really cool! I’ve said before that I’m working on some extensive world wikis for my stories and today is a little bit of a peak into the kinds of things I’m putting together for it.

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Tele Gavina

I’m really into this sketch. It’s the first one I made for my characters and I’m very satisfied with how it turned out. Tele is a strong and important character in my epic and I think this personifies her very well.

This is also a good example of how working with an artist can help inform your view of a character. I gave an outfit description to the artist for when we meet her first. Instead, he returned with something different. This was lucky for me because it sparked a visual from which to pull my description for a specific point in the story.

I actually started with Norah Jones in mind for Tele. If I were to do a movie of this story, I wouldn’t likely pick Norah Jones to act as Tele, but for some reason Norah Jones help me form Tele as a character. It’s kind of interesting how you can start in one place and end up in another.


Prince Gabriel

This one had a bit more input from me. The armor is based off a set created by Prince Armory. If by some amazing happenstance, this series does very well, I want to commission custom armor for my story so I can have some for myself.

You may also notice that the armor displays the Hzorah Crest from Development Diary #3. I thought this added a cool touch. I do need to edit the sword. It doesn’t quite match the look of the swords in the series, but I’ll do that sometime later.

I based Gabriel off of this guy.

Remember him? From the movie The Prince and Me? My story isn’t like that one at all, but his character is a little like Gabriel’s and they are similar physically. Thank you, Luke Mably, for being the catalyst to something I like much more.

Here’s another of Gabriel in an outfit more fitting of a prince.

I may get rid of the tassels.


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