Top 5 Science and Discovery News (06/07/2015)

As usual, I read far more cool things this month than I could fit in my 5-article limited round-up. I hope you find these are awesome as I do! If you're a writer, these should give you some great jumping off points!


The World's Thinnest Transistor Is Just Three Atoms Thick ― Components are getting smaller. Real small.


Scientists Made a Chicken More Like a Dinosaur to See How Beaks Evolved ― This is ethically questionable, like all genetic modifications. But it can't be argued: this is crazy interesting. Not quite Jurassic Park, but interesting.


A Self-Balancing, Two-wheeled Car ― Changing the way we commute is a big endeavor. Perhaps this is one possible solution.


Large Hadron Collider Captures Incredibly Rare Particle Decay for the First Time ― This lab has made some of the most amazing discoveries of the past few decades. Here's one more for the history books.


Watch Astronauts Dock with the International Space Station ― I can't get enough of scientific videos. If you're planning to write in sci fi, this might interest you.


Before you go:

Chimps Have Feelings and Thoughts. They Should Also Have Rights.

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